[Documentary] Breast Implants THE TROUBLE IS UNDER THE SKIN

Aired November 29, 2018 – Published December 19, 2018 – Radio-Canada Info – Thousands of Canadian women have had silicone breast implants of a new generation approved in 2006 by Health Canada. Apart from some known complications, these implants were said to be safe for women’s health.

Yet, in recent years, hundreds of women have had their implants removed due to various problems. New studies have shown that silicone implants are associated with the development of autoimmune diseases and a rare form of cancer. Breast Implant Illness is still controversial.

An inquiry conducted by Enquête, in collaboration with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Radio-Canada, CBC and the Toronto Star, revealed that Health Canada approved the release of these implants without long-term studies and allowed manufacturers to not adequately report breast implant-related adverse events for years.

Journalist: Madeleine Roy
Producer: Martyne Bourdeau
Researcher: Benoit Michaud
Cameramen: Éric Carbonneau, Jean-Pierre Gandin, Richard Marion, Laurent Racine, Luc Robida.
Editors: Bernard Lapointe, Rébecca Moréel
Contributors: Many including, Madris Tomes, Device Events Founder & CEO [see Madris @ 27 minutes – 27 seconds]

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